The Diamond Village Blog Tour [ft. i don’t know what i’m doing]

A few weeks ago, El from “Elated Books” emailed me asking me if I wanted to join The Diamond Village Blog Tour [click here to visit it!]. I said that I would love to.

I really have no idea why I said that. I’ve been so insanely busy and stressed recently with school and life. But hey, here I am, November 28th, the day before this post is due to go up, writing it. Did I procrastinate, yes. HOWEVER, I GOT IT DONE AND I’M HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME.

Now, let’s get started!

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My Favorite Songs from my Spotify Playlists [part two]

What up, gang.

I’m back with another music post and about 100 more playlists that I have created in the past three days 🙂 I need help.

So today I’m going to be choosing my top five favorite songs from each of my Spotify Playlists. I’mma be honest, I deleted a lot of my playlists from my previous post because they weren’t following my AeSThetiC, but you can still check out the post here.

Here’s my Spotify account as well 🙂 Feel free to follow it, (plug plug plug!!!), haha.

Now, let’s get on with it 😀

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The Sunshine Blogger Award III

What up, gang.

I meant to post this like a week and a half ago but my WiFi was being stupid and I lost the draft. So, here we are again.

I’m kind of in a blogging funk. I’m trying to get out and just push myself. However, my life has been absolutely hectic so it’s hard.

Anyway, I didn’t really have any blog post ideas for today, so, I decided to do one of the many overdo tags that I have on my list. This one, I got tagged by the lovely El back in early April 🙂 Make sure to go follow her!

Without further ado, let’s get into the tag.

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