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Travel Diaries: Baños ft. a lot of pictures

Fun fact: Baños means bathroom in Spanish.

Other fun fact: Baños is the most beautiful place in Ecuador.

I honestly do not know why they would call a place of beauty “bathroom”. I would name it “cascadas” (waterfalls). But whatever, I sadly was not there when they decided to name it.

Anyway, let’s get on to the diary-ed portion 🙂

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A Little Rant: The Hate U Give [review]

I have a few disclaimers before I start this rant.

-This review will most likely contain spoilers. Only read it if you have read the book/ don’t care about the spoilers.

-I hated this book. So my review will be negative in the eyes of those who loved it. So that brings me to another “only read if” point.

-Only read this post if there is a 98% chance that you won’t curse me out in the comments.

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