January Faves.

What the heck was January.

A lot happened this year, guys. Not a lot of good stuff either. Maybe someday I’ll share. But for now, I’m just pushing through.

Anyway, I still wanna post. My older brother gave me advice to do the things that I love to get better. And I love this, so here we go.


No Harry Potter last month, haha. Can you believe it?

Last month I read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I just saw it and was like oo this looks good. Then, my dad told me it was a classic and I lowkey started freaking out because ya girl don’t read classics unless it’s for school. HOWEVER, unlike other classics, it is really easy to read and SUCH A GOOD BOOK. Honestly, it may be a favorite of mine.


Right now I am loving Old School by Urban Cone. It is such a good song! It has such an upbeat vibe but it’s not cheesy.

Okay, why is Billie Eilish such a good artist?! I love her song watch. I’ll sit and watch your car burnnnnn.

Movie/s and TV show/s:

I’m gonna be honest, the storyline is declining. However, SuperGirl season 3 was still good. I’m behind on my shows, to be honest, I still need to watch season 4. Fingers crossed that it’s really good.

Like I said, I’m behind on my shows. So last month I finally got around to watching season 1 of Stranger Things. I am HOOKED. So far season 2 is really good as well.

I watched Bohemian Rhapsody with my mom last month. It was a very good movie. However, I still have Queen songs stuck in my head. So watch with caution, haha.


Like I said, January wasn’t a good month for me. But about a week ago my dad took my little siblings to the park for the day. So, I cleaned my room, dyed my hair a chocolaty brown, ate ice cream, watched Gilmore Girls with my mom, and ate pizza. That was a really good day for me this month.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I honestly don’t care if you hated it as long as you go out and buy yourself a copy of the outsiders. ALSO, I need song recommendations – I’ve been getting sick of my playlists. And I’m always up for book recommendations. Anyway, I hope you guys have a great week, goodbyeeee. 🙂 ❤

Isa x


24 thoughts on “January Faves.

  1. Love this post Isa! Who would have guess that I’m an addict of Supergirl aswell..?! I think my favourite character has got to be Win, he’s just so witty and smart and creates lots of cool gadgets! I’m sorry to hear it’s been a tough month for you, that sucks, big time 😥
    Love this post Isa! 💛😊
    Amber x

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  2. Love this post! If you want song recommendations, try Rachel Platten, she’s my favorite singer.
    We’re reading The Outsiders in school, I finished chapter 10 (but we’re on chapter 9 haha) but it’s so sad because I won’t spoil but after what happened to Johnny, and then Daly was so upset and then that happened to him…
    Anyways yeah, and I enjoyed your post!!

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      • Haha, I did something similar, I was on the late bus, so I decided to read the book, and then I almost cried. That must have been embarrassing… when I was little sometimes I would cry at restaurants, because my sisters annoyed me. Luckily that was when I was little. You’re welcome! ❤

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  3. Amazing post Isa, loved it! I recommend you a book called ‘What We Left Behind – by Robin Talley, it was kinda confusing at times, but it’s really good. You should listen to ‘Lucky Strike’ by Troye Sivan too, I’m sorta obsessed! xx

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  4. Love thissss! We read Outsiders last year for school and I almost slept at the beginning but it actually turned out to be really good. We watched the movie and I went on a full on rant about how it wasn’t dramatic enough and the music was trash and somehow I got an A on this unprofessional essay. My teacher said “she could really hear my voice through it” so I think that’s good haha? The language was a bit funny like who even says rumble but it was a great book. Billie’s new song ‘bury a friend’ is stuck in my head ugh but her songs are so unique. My friend is OBSESSED with bohemian rhapsody haha. Aw I hope you have a great february and I’m glad you had at least one good day. Oo girl your hair sounds fabulous and pass that ice cream thru the screen. Even tho it’s -30 outside. #canadianlife

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    • thankyouuu!! Haha, that’s awesome xD. I haven’t heard that song yet, I’ll check it out. Yeah, February has always been a bad month for me but fingers crossed that it’s good. Everyone loves my hair haha. Kinda makes me wonder how bad it looked before xD. *passes icecream cone*

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  5. Sorry January wasn’t a great month for you! January felt like such a long month for me, and not in a good way, haha. I’m glad February’s here!
    GIRL since you liked The Outsiders (which is an epic book), you MUST read ‘That Was Then, This Is Now’ and ‘Tex’ by S.E. Hinton! I had to read The Outsiders for school one year but then I became obsessed with her books XD

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